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The Husky Hockey team at UW is considered a non-varsity, club sports program within the University of Washington Department of Recreation Sports Program. A student board runs and organizes the club, with assistance from the coaches, players, volunteers and interns. Student dues, fundraising and sponsorships primarily fund the team. The club is also a non-profit organization, which allows tax-deductible contributions to help reduce the high costs of operating an ice hockey program.

The Husky Hockey budget exceeds $50,000.00 each year. Student-athletes carry the burden of registration fees, practice and game ice costs, official fees, travel, lodging, equipment, food, among other expenses. Each year the team approaches the Recreational Sports Department at UW for assistance. The program is provided with their share of the student recreation fees. This is typically less than $2,000.00. This is why Husky Hockey relies heavily on sponsorships, donations, ticket and retail sales. Without these avenues, Husky Hockey would not be able to survive. The players are responsible for all of the expenses, which typically amounts to about $3,000.00 per player each season.

Each donation supports the club and its' endeavors to be a nationally competitive program at the DII level. Please contact Coach Cleeton below if you would like to donate directly to the UW Husky Hockey Club. Thank you for your generous donations and supporting Husky Hockey!

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